Building a Seat for Cooper

My pup, Cooper, almost doubled in size while I was gone, and now seems even more determined to accompany me wherever I go. The other day when I had to leave him at home, he made a hole and crawled under the fence, then ran down the road to catch up to me. This means that I when I go somewhere, I either have to lock him in my room until I’m out of sight, or take him with me. Before I left for consolidation, Cooper rode everywhere with me on my bike in a little pink basket but, unfortunately, he no longer safely fits in the basket. I can easily walk to one of my offices, but my other office is about six kilometers away, meaning that I needed to solve this issue before the school year started next week, and my office at the college opened up again.

Cooper in his basket before I left for Manila

I decided that I should try to make Cooper a larger seat on my recently-acquired second bike, but that is easier said than done. I figured wood would be the easiest material, and made the trip to the local hardware store, only to find that they only had large sheets of plywood, no lumber or boards. This lack of material stumped me for a day or so until I brought up the issue to my host family, who promptly led me outside to the pig house and gave me a board of just the right width.

I began by sawing off a piece about half a meter in length, then cut a small groove in one side so that it would fit securely around the frame of the bicycle. I then rode the bike around block a few times, marking where my legs would rub against the board, so that I could remove those sections. After hand-sawing off those sections, I handed to rough seat over to my Kuya, who quickly use his machete to smooth out the rougher sections (it’s really hard to cut a curved line with a hand saw). I then sanded down the board a bit more so that no rough edges would rub on my legs while biking.

The newly sanded seat

Now I had to figure out how to attach Cooper’s newly formed seat to my bike. You can get tie-wire at a number of nearby stores so I decided I should drill some holes in the seat and wire it to the frame of the bicycle. Unfortunately, drills for wood are a bit tricky to come by so, with my limited tool set, I had to use a hammer and nails to create holes for the wire to go through.

I then wired the seat to the bike, and took Cooper for a test ride.

We’ve been riding for a week now, but only over short distances, we’ll get a real road test when I commute to the University next week.

Me and Cooper on the road

Author: determinedwandererblog

Peace Corps Volunteer serving in the Philippines

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